Target Pre-Rolls by Custom Tag

 The below instructions explain how you can tag your Tout videos with custom tags to be associated to specific local pre-roll campaigns.


Step 1: Create New “Tag” Key Value in DFP

  • Select “Inventory” (top-nav)
  • Select “Custom Targeting” or “Key-values”* (left-nav)
    • *We’ve noticed DFP sometimes changes this verbiage, but these two terms are synonymous
  • Select “New Key” (red button on top-left)
    • Name: toutCtmA1 (stands for Tout Custom Attribute 1 a.k.a, Tag)
      • Note: keys are case-sensitive so enter exactly as it appears above
    • Values type: keep as is, with the first circle selected
  • Click “Save”

Step 2: Assign Tag to local video(s) in Tout’s Partner Dashboard

  • Locate the video to be targeted to the pre-roll campaign from the “Pending”, “Schedule” or “Published” sections of the Partner Dashboard
  • Click “Edit” to the right of the video
  • Click “Tags: (edit)” to assign existing or create new tag
    • To pre-create Tags (e.g., if pre-roll campaign is sold before applicable videos have been published):
      • Enter tag name (no spaces) in “new tag” field and click “+ Create New”
      • Repeat process (if desired) to create additional tags
      • Click Submit or Cancel (your changes will be saved either way)
  • Select desired tag (only one tag can be assigned per video)
  • Click “Submit” to save results

Step 3: Add Tag targeting to desired Line Item

  • Locate the line item associated to the desired pre-roll campaign
  • Click “Edit”
  • Under “Add targeting”, select “Custom Targeting” or “Key-values” (depending on which term is displayed)
  • Under key-values, select “toutCtmA1” from the list of keys
  • Paste in the tag exactly as it appears in the Partner Dashboard (assigned in Step 2)
  • Save Line Item

A few notes:

  • As stated above, only one tag can be assigned per video, but multiple tags may be assigned per Line Item. When in doubt, we recommend selecting the most specific tag for the video (e.g., select “Baskeball” versus “Sports”. If a pre-roll campaign is sold against all Sports, you may target “Basketball” and “Sports” within the line item.
  • The ability for reporters to tag videos at the time of publication via the Tout App or Dashboard Upload is not yet available.
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