Serve your DFP Campaigns in Tout’s Player

Follow the steps below to serve your ads in Tout Players. Each step includes a hyperlink to the respective Google help page. Only one ad tag is needed. This tag will simply call your Ad Server and only return creative based on a campaign’s targeting.


  1. Create Video Ad Unit in DFP
    1. Note: If using DFP to Ad Serve our SDK, please generate separate ad unit for your ads.
  2. Generate Video Ad Tag in DFP (Inventory Unit Size: 640x480v)
  3. Send Ad Tag to

Example Video Ad Tag:[referrer_url]&description_url=[description_url]&correlator=[timestamp]

Tout’s Player supports all types of pre-roll creative formats except Youtube hosted assets, which is exclusive to Google’s IMA3 Player.

More questions? Use a different Ad Server other than DFP? Email

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