LMC Instructions to set up DFP and AdX for Tout

Follow the steps below to serve your DFP and Ad Exchange in Tout Players. Each step includes a hyperlink to the respective Google help page.


Create Player Tag

  1. Create Video Ad Unit in DFP
  2. Generate Video Ad Tag in DFP (Inventory Unit Size: 640x480v)
  3. Send Ad Tag to premium_help@tout.com

Link to Ad Exchange for Backfill

  1. Verify Ad Exchange account is enabled for Video
    • Sign in to google.com/adx
    • Navigate to the “Admin” tab
    • Look for “Video” listed under “Active Products”, shown here
    • If “Video” is not listed, contact your Google representative
  2. Link Ad Exchange to DFP for Video (Note: You may have previously linked Ad Exchange to DFP for Display; this does not mean you are also linked for Video. Refer to the hyperlinked instructions above, paying close attention to last sentence of step 3: ‘For video, append “ca-video-“.’ Once complete, the “3rd party services” section of your DFP Network Settings should look like the below)
  3. Traffic Ad Exchange ads [against Tout Players] in DFP


Example Video Ad Tag:



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