How To Use Tout’s Video Bookmarklet

Editors can now use Tout’s  Video Bookmarklet tool to manage videos matched to their pages right from their web browser’s bookmark bar!

With Tout’s Video Bookmarklet, you can:


  • Search or browse relevant video from your own library of video or from 3rd party video in the Tout marketplace – all within your browser
  • With one-click, instantly insert a relevant video into any of your articles, or edit a matched video, all without logging into your CMS
  • The absolute fastest and easiest way to to make sure all your articles have relevant video

Watch the quick video Tutorial below or read our guide to learn how to install and start using today.




If you already have Tout’s SDK added to your web site’s template, installation is easy. Simply login to your Tout Account, go to the Smart Article Section, and drag the Bookmarklet at the top of this page to your browser’s bookmark bar.



How It Works


Once installed, pull up any article on your site then click “Tout Article Match Bookmarklet” in your browser bookmark bar. A module will load where you can review suggested videos that our system has determined are relevant to your articles and match them at the click of a button.



You can also match locally produced videos from your account directly to related articles, by clicking the “My Videos” section in the bookmarklet module.




Lastly, you can browse and search for the most recent videos uploaded to the Tout Marketplace by clicking on the “Breaking News” section, and match any video from this section to your article.




In addition to matching, you can also replace or remove matched videos that have been automatically added to your articles.




Match or edit matched videos to any Tout Player installed on your article including Tout’s Mid Article and Live Channel Players.




Finally, you can block all Tout players from an article with particularly sensitive subject matter, by selecting “Block all Tout Players for this article”




Please e-mail for any questions around installing or using this feature or activating additional video players on your site.

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