How to Generate Google Analytics Reporting for Tout

Sending a Google Analytics report of your mobile vs. desktop page view data to can help Tout ensure the accuracy of your pageview metrics.


To generate a Google Analytics report:


1. Log in to your Google Analytics profile


2. Click on the “Reporting” tab on the top left, then click “Audience”

GA Step 1
































3. Click on the “Mobile” tab in the “Audience” dropdown, then in the resulting expansion click on “Overview”

GA Step 2



































4. Click on “Email” in the top left and enter in the following fields

Note: Please ensure these match exactly, or else our system may be unable to ingest your report

Attachments Excel (XLSX)
Frequency Daily
Subject Body Tout SDK – <YOUR SITE NAME HERE>

GA Step 3






















5. Click “Send” to begin sending the scheduled report.

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