Why does it take so long to upload a video via mobile?

In order to ensure the most reliable and efficient upload, we recommend you connect your device to a wifi network (i.e. wireless home or business router).  If you can’t upload from a wi-fi network because you are “in the field,” you must use a cellular data connection (i.e. AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/etc), mobile wifi hotspot or “mi-fi.” Learn more about the differences here.

If needed, you can create and store videos in the Tout mobile app with your “Queue” and wait until you are in an area with a better connection.


Low cellular data connectivity is generally the main factor that contributes to difficulty uploading. Your local cell tower and service area/provider my be the ultimate culprit and those convenient service bars on your device that indicate connectivity, are not always the most reliable indicator of upload capability (read more here).  If you’d like to gain insight into your actual connection speed, we recommend you download the following app now so when you are in the field, you can accurately gauge your cellular connection and plan accordingly:


1.  Download Speed Test by Ookla for either iPhone or Android.

2.  “Allow” the app to use location and tap “Begin Test”:

Begin Test


3.  Note your results and share if needed with a Tout team member if you are trouble shooting:

Share Speed Test ResultsEmail Speed Test Results
  With a (poor) 1Mbps connection, 0.125 (1/8) MB will upload per second.  Meaning it will take roughly 192 seconds to upload a 60 second Tout video.  Generally, a 60 second Tout video is between 14-24 MB.
Still having trouble?  Try these Tout Tips.


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