What do I do if my video(s) are not uploading?

If videos(s) fail to upload in the Tout app, check these two things first:

  1. Uploading: Make sure that “Uploading” toggle is turned on to allow for auto-uploading
  2. Network Connectivity: Switch to a higher-performing network (such as LTE or WIFI), and keep the Tout app running in the foreground.

Try these tips if your queue is set to on and you’re on a high-performing network, but videos still fail to upload:

  • Restart your device
  • Switch “Uploading” toggle off and on while staying on “Uploading” screen until the video uploads
  • Toggle “Airplane Mode” off and on to reset cellular signal
  • Force-quit other unused apps running in the background
  • Force-quit the Tout app and re-open app​​​
  • If “Save to Camera Roll” is turned on:
    • Option A: Delete video from “Uploading” and re-upload the video from your video library
    • Option B: Email video to yourself or an Admin > sign in to Tout account on Tout.com and upload via desktop
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