What are hashtags and @mentions and why should I use them?


A hashtag is a “#” symbol put in front of a word/idea/phrase to identify and tag content on a specific topic. The “#” symbol serves two main purposes: organize content, and increase discoverability and views.


Organizing Content

If you create a series of related videos, including a consistent hashtag will help to tie them together. For Premium Members, it will also make it easy for your Admins/Editors to pull them into related articles and/or create custom feeds. For example, if you regularly cover the one sports team, you could tag all related videos with #[sportsteam]. If your property has a specific section page for that team, than the Admin/Editor may create a feed and pull in all videos through this consistent hashtag, like was done here: http://www.denverpost.com/nuggets.

Here are more examples where a consistent hashtag was used to organize content:
– #sydneytohobart: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/sydney-hobart.
– #peoplecannes: http://www.people.com/people/special/0,,20810721,00.html.


Increasing Discoverability and Views

If you share your video to Twitter/Facebook, including the hashtag will help that Tweet/Post show up in Search, increasing the potential views.

Depending on the type of content you create, research typical trending hashtags. For example, if you cover weather in Denver, #Cowx is a popular hashtag used to describe all weather conditions and events relevant to the state.



An @mention is an “@” symbol put in front of a username to identify and/or notify a particular person or brand. Like hashtags, @mentions can help increase discoverability and views for your video.


If you plan to share this video to Twitter, be sure to include the person or brand’s Twitter username (a.k.a, handle). Upon sharing the video to Twitter, the user will be notified and have the opportunity to re-Tweet.


Members: @mention your brand account in all video titles, so that Admins/Editors may easily re-Tweet your content upon sharing to Twitter.

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