The user is in my Organization but their videos are not showing up in my Video Player

First, confirm the user is part of the Video Player’s Content Feed

  • Go to Player Builder (left side)
  • Search for desired Player and click edit
  • Locate Content Feed and click edit
  • Verify user is in the content feed, if not, add user to the feed
  • Click “Update”
  • Repeat process for other Video Player(s) if necessary

If the user is in the Content Feed(s) but still not in the Player:

Check if the user is listed as “Moderated”; if so, their videos require approval before going live.

    • Go to “Videos” (left side)
    • Select “Pending”
    • Locate videos, review, and approve.

If desired, change the user’s settings to auto-publish:

    • Tap “Contributors” (left-side navigation) to return to list of users
    • Click “Edit” to the left of the desired user
    • Under “Moderation”, change from “Moderated” to “Automatic”
    • Click Save
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