Redwing June Superstars


Who: @EmilyGedde
What: County Sheriff Discusses Sandbag Efforts at City Beach

Where: Int’l Falls Journal


Superstar Stats: 

  • earned top-played Tout status in June not only for Int’l Falls Journal, but across all Redwing brands
  • incorporated stitching to transition from interview to a shot of the help efforts
  • created several other related Touts, all of which were embedded in multiple related articles (e.g., Article 1 and Article 2)
  • created several additional Touts to provide consistent coverage


Be a Mega-Superstar:


  • share Tout to Twitter to increase exposure and potential views
  • include consistent hashtag in all related Tout’s titles (e.g., #iFallsFlood), to tie all Touts together and make it easy for Admins to create a flood-specific Video Player
  • @mention brand account (@ifallsjournal) in Tout title so Admins may easily re-Tweet


  • create weather and/or flood-specific Video Players to implement on your Weather section page and/or in all related articles, as was done here


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