Redwing August Superstars


Who: @tschardin
What: Four Touts at High School Candlelight Vigil

Where: Savage Pacer

Superstar Stats: 

  • captured impactful and emotional moments
  • all four Touts earned top-played Tout status in August not only for Savage Pacer, but across all Redwing brands
  • included hashtag of brand property (#SavagePacer) to feed into applicable Video Player


Be a Mega-Superstar:

  • share Touts to Twitter (if user has Twitter account)
  • include additional hashtag specific to the event (e.g. #BHSVigil or #AlyeaVigil) in all Tout titles to tie together related Touts
  • @mention brand account (@SavagePacer) and High School (@BurnsvilleHS)
  • embed Touts in related article for increased exposure and plays



More Notable Touters


Who: @ChaskaHerald
What: Hwy 41 Traffic Jams
Where: Chaska Herald
Superstar Stats:
– included hashtags of brand property (#ChaskaHerald and #ChanVillager) to feed into applicable Video Players
– incorporated audio commentary and stitching
– shared Tout to Twitter
Be a Mega-Superstar:
– share Tout to Twitter
– connect with Editor to create an article that’s complementary to the Tout video


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