I’m part of an Organization; how come I can only record up to 15-seconds clips?



In order to get Tout’s enhanced features and functionality (like record/upload up to 60 seconds in the mobile app) you must first be invited to an organization by an Admin/Editor of your publications organization.


If you have received and accepted the invite link from your Organization and the time limit in your Tout camera is still 15 seconds, try these solutions:

  • Force quit the Tout app
  • Reopen the mobile app and check if the new recording time has been reflected.
  • Double check that the current account you are logged into is the one that has been upgraded by your organization’s admin.

Not the username that should be upgraded?

    • Log out of the app
    • Sign in with the credentials associated with your account.
    • Email support@tout.com and provide the username of the duplicate account so that we may remove it from Tout.
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