How is the Tout Score calculated?

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Your Tout Score is a score out of five possible points designed to help your organization see how it’s performing on Tout. It takes a weighted average of three different metrics into account:



Content is a measure of the amount of local video your organization creates.


Touts Per Active Contributor – The number of Touts published divided by the number of contributors in your organization who have created a tout over the report time frame.


Quantity is a measure of how many of your website’s pages have Tout video. Local Touts are preferable to national videos from the Tout Marketplace, as they guarantee your organization a larger share of ad revenue.


Quantitative Match Rate – The percentage of your organization’s articles that have been matched with Tout video. This metric counts matches made by Tout’s Smart Article system as well as those made by a member of your organization through the Partner Panel Dashboard Smart Article tab.

Local Match Percentage – The percentage of your organization’s matches that were made with a locally-produced Tout.


Quality is a measure of how many views your Touts receive.


Views Per Tout – The average number of views per Tout.

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