How do I use the curation service?

The purpose of the daily curation emails is to showcase a selection of top trending videos across three major categories: Breaking News, Sports and Lifestyle/ Entertainment. Emails are sent daily, directly to your inbox, at 5am PST. This enables users to conveniently source and embed top news videos to their website to improve overall view counts and therefore increase advertising revenue to the organization.

To sign up for our curation service, email

A catalog of previous top daily trending videos can also be found on the Blog.


The embed codes in the email are personalized to your organization’s Brand UID, so any ad revenue generated by the video will automatically be sent to your publication.


How to make the most of the daily curation emails


There are two main ways to ensure maximum views for Tout trending videos on your website:


  1. Embedding the video into a pre-existing article about a related topic
  2. Creating a new article specifically about the embedded video

How do I embed a video in my article?

From the Curation Emails

  1. Copy the personalized embed code from the email
  2. Paste it on an article page in your Content Management System editor

Note: Videos in the curation emails are configured to auto-play with sound on when visible.


From the Curation Blog

  1. Click the “Grab Embed Code” button next to the video you want to embed. This will take you to the video entry in the Tout Marketplace
  2. Click “Embed” on the resulting page
  3. Configure your embed attributes (auto-play, sound on etc.) in the resulting pop-up
  4. Copy the personalized embed code and paste it on an article page in your Content Management System editor

Visit the Tout Marketplace to view more videos or change the auto-play configuration for your embeds


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