How do I schedule a video?

The ability to schedule a video can only be done by your Admin/Editor. To do so, your editor would need to change your privileges to Moderated, requiring them to approve all of your video before going live. As part of the approval process, they could schedule a video to go live at a specific time. We plan to bring the ability to schedule videos directly into the Tout app in the future. In the meantime, here are two potential workarounds:

  1. Turn Queue off to turn off automatic publishing. Store the video in your queue and toggle the queue back on when you are ready to publish your video.
  2. If you have the “Save to Camera Roll/Gallery” feature enabled, all videos will be saved to your device. With the Queue turned off, delete the video from the queue. When you are ready to publish the video, with the Queue turned back on, grab the video from your Camera Roll/Gallery and proceed to publish. (Use this option if you want to continue to publish other videos in the interim, as the first option will store all new videos in the queue until toggled back on.)
If a contributor is set to “Moderated”, than you can schedule his/her videos(s) to be published at a specific date/time:

  • Sign in to with Admin account’s email and password
  • Tap “Videos” (left navigation)
  • Tap “Pending”
  • Locate video and click “Schedule’ to the right of the video
  • Set date and time
  • Tap “Schedule”

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