How do I manage/edit user privileges in my Organization?


There are four ways to manage users in your Organization:

  1. Role: Member or Admin
    • “Member”: allows the user to be a part of the Organization
    • “Admin”: gives the user full-access to your Organization’s Dashboard
  2. Moderation: Automatic or Moderated
    • “Moderated”: All videos from the user will not be live until an Admin of the organization has approved the content. Admins will receive an email notification every time a moderated user creates a new video.
    • “Automatic”: All videos will automatically published.
  3. Length: Select the user’s maximum recording times (15-60 seconds).
  4. Watermark: Multiple watermarks can be assigned to your Organization. Assign one of the uploaded watermarks to appear on all videos by a user.

Follow these instructions to change any of the above settings:

  • Sign in to with Admin email and password
  • Locate contributor whose privileges you would like to change
  • Tap “Edit” (far-right)
  • Adjust the drop-down next to the desired setting
  • Tap “Save” (far-right)
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