How do I make a video using only still photos?


If no live footage is available, use the iOS Tout app to quickly and easily create a videos using only still photos.


  • Open trending article on your mobile device. Save photos by holding down on the photo, then clicking “Save Image”, or have photographer email you the photos and download to your device.
  • Once you’ve grabbed all desired images, open the Tout app and sign in with work email and password
  • Tap camera icon
  • Tap stacked boxes icon (top left) to open your camera roll
  • Select “Photos” (bottom right) and select first image
  • Tap stacked boxes icon (now on bottom left), and select next image
  • Repeat process until all photos are imported
    • Note: each photo will appear for 3-seconds, therefore upload as many photos as needed to tell your story
  • Tap microphone icon (bottom right) to begin voiceover
  • Take short segment of text from article that summarizes the story
  • Tap microphone icon to begin recording voiceover, reading the short segment aloud
  • Tap screen to preview, microphone again to re-record or “Done” (top-right) if satisfied.
  • Enter in video title and click “Submit” (top-right)

Note: the ability to grab still photos and/or record voiceover are not yet available in the Android app.

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