How do I edit an existing Video Player?

To access the Player Builder:

  • Sign in to with Admin account’s email and password
  • Select “Players” (left navigation)
  • Tap blue “Create Player” (top right)
  • Search for existing Player
  • Tap “Edit” next to desired Player
  • Follow same steps to create a new Video Player:

Step 1: “Create Feed”

A. Create New Feed

    • Name your feed
    • Add @users and/or hashtags
    • Tap blue “Create Feed” (bottom right)

B. Select Existing Feed

    • Search for existing feed
    • Select desired feed
    • Add @users and/or hashtags
    • Tap blue “Save & Next” (bottom right)

Step 2: “Design Player”

A. Create Custom Design

    • Tap “Create Custom Design”
    • Follow options
    • Tap blue “Create Design” (bottom right)

B. Choose Existing Player Design

    • Tap “Choose Existing Player Design”
    • Follow options
    • Tap blue “Save & Next” (bottom right)​

Step 3: “Create New Ad Config”

A. Create New Ad Config

    • Tap “Create Ad Configuration
    • Copy and paste ad tag
    • Select “Ad Tag Frequency”
    • Tap “Save & Finish” (bottom right)​​​

B. Select Existing Ad Config

    • Find and select existing “Ad Config” from list
    • Tap on “Save & Finish” or “Skip & Finish” (bottom right)

C. Select No Ad Config

    • Tap “Skip & Finish” (bottom right)
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