How do I create a Video Player for mobile web?

  • Sign in to with Admin account’s email and password
  • Select “Players” (left navigation)
  • Select existing Player from the list, or create a new one
  • Go through the steps to “Create” > “Design” > “Insert Ads”
  • Copy part of the embed code (green and bolded in the example below):

&lt;div id="tout_widget_41ydw6" class="Tout-widget"&gt;&lt;script charset="utf-8" src="<b>//<span style="color: #339966;"></span></b>.js"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;&lt;/div&gt;

  • ​Add “http:” to the URL, to produce the Video Player URL:
  • Your webmaster then needs to create a dedicated mobile page, which has a link to the mobile Video Player URL (e.g.,
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