How do I upload, select or edit my video’s thumbnail?

Upload/Select Thumbnail at the time of publication
iOS & Android

  • Complete steps to create a video
  • Once on the “Title” screen select “Tap to Change”
  • Either drag to select an existing thumbnail from your video or “Choose from Gallery”
    • If you “Choose from Gallery”: Select an image from your camera roll/gallery
    • Expand the selection with the chevron icon (∨)
  • Tap “Save” and wait for image to load (you will be redirected back to Title screen)
  • Title your video and tap “Submit” to upload your video with your custom thumbnail

Editing Existing Thumbnail

iOS & Android

  • Sign in to Tout app with email and password
  • Tap profile tab (bottom right)
  • Scroll to video with the thumbnail you want to change
  • Tap three dots (bottom right)
  • Tap “Edit”
  • Tap thumbnail image (top-right)
  • Change thumbnail from the selection or select “Choose from Gallery” to upload a custom one
  • Tap “Save”
  • Tap “Done” (to dismiss keyboard)
  • Tap “Submit”


  • Sign-In to your Publication Dashboard
  • Click “Video” tab (left column)
  • Click “Edit”
  • Roll over thumbnail and click “Change Thumbnail”
  • Select desired Thumbnail from the video and click “Save” OR “Choose File” for a custom image uploaded from your desktop/laptop


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