How do I access my Organization’s Analytics?


Admins may access detailed Analytics within the Organization’s Dashboard

  • Sign in to with Admin account’s email and password
  • Select “Analytics” (left navigation)
  • Select ‘Filters’ and input desired timeframe
  • Select ‘Run’ to update the charts

Understanding Detailed Analytics*:

  • Pie chart of the amount of views from mobile vs. desktop views
  • The total number of new videos posted within the filtered timeframe
  • Video views of all Video Players, including the Right-Rail
  • Overall daily video viewcounts  by comparison
  •  Estimated Ad Impressions
  •  A list of the top ten distribution outlets
  • A list of the top ten most-viewed videos in order of view count

Dashboard vs. Downloadable Reports:

    • Time Zone: The Dashboard is in PST, whereas the Downloadable Reports are in UTC. An update to the Dashboard will allow you to select the reporting time zone.
    • Frequency of Updates: The Dashboard is updated every hour, whereas Downloadable Reports are updated once per day (at 5pm PST). Therefore, if downloading a report through the present day, please wait until after 5pm PST to do so.

* Please Note: Right-Rail Player Pre-Roll and Video Destination Page’s Display Revenue are excluded from this report. These are filled only by your Organization’s Ad Tags. This information can be found in your local Ad Server/Ad Exchange account.

Key Terms:

Distribution Types

  • Local: plays of your contributor’s videos on your site (plus plays on Social Media, and Tout Mobile app)
  • Syndicated: plays of other videos on your site (e.g., Reuters video on your site)
  • Third-Party: plays of your contributor’s videos on another [Tout Partner] site (e.g., if your video of the Golden State Warriors was picked up and embedded on

Product Types

  • Top Article: a.k.a., Smart Article Player. Consists of all video-to-article matches
  • Mid Article: a.k.a., Trending Video Player
  • Right-Rail: a.k.a., Right-Rail Autoplay Player
  • Embed: a.k.a., Single Tout Embeds. Consists of videos manually embedded within an article or blog
  • Destination: a.k.a., Video Destination Page
  • Video Player: a.k.a., Real-Time Video Player. These are Video Players built by your brand within the Player Builder

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