GoErie November Superstar


Who: @HerTimesErie
What: Quick Tour of Million-Dollar Home in Fairview

Where: GoErie


Superstar Stats:

  • among the top-three highest-played Touts for GoErie in November
  • incorporated multiple hashtags (#million-dollar, #home, #fairview) in Tout title
  • combined audio commentary and stitching to showcase the home
  • included relevant keywords in Tout title for a successful match to related article
  • also manually embedded Tout at the top of goerieblogs.com article
  • shared goerieblogs.com article link to Twitter


Be a Mega-Superstar:

  • combine hashtags #million-dollar and #home to make one hashtag (#milliondollarhome), which is used on Twitter
  • share individual Tout to Twitter as a teaser for upcoming article
  • @mention brand account (@goerie) in Tout title so Admins may easily re-Tweet
  • incorporate a text overlay to provide context


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