DFM March Superstars


Who: @jeremylong
What: Touching Marriage at Hospital

Where: Lebanon Daily News


Superstar Stats: 

  • DFM’s two top-viewed Touts for the week of 04/6-12/2014
  • embedded Touts within related article
  • Touts were automatically pushed to the LDN’s YouTube channel, where they were republished to YouTube by miscellaneous users, and picked up by DailyMail.co.uk, who embedded one of the Touts in their online article


Be a Mega-Superstar:

  • include @mention of your brand account (@ldnews) and the hospital (@GoodSamHos) in Tout title
  • include audio introduction to set the scene



More Notable Touters


Who: @natejschneider
What: Sacred Heart Mt. Pleasant buzzer beater
Where: The Morning Sun
Superstar Stats:
– shared to Twitter, where it was picked up by ESPN & became #1 on SportsCenter’s Top 10
Be a Mega-Superstar:
– add hashtags (e.g. #BuzzerBeater) and @mentions (e.g. @MPMorningSun, Sacred Heart Mt. Pleasant and Duster Neyer) for increased discoverability



Who: @DarrenSabedra
What: Sacred Heart SF buzzer beater and follow-up interview
Where: Bay Area News Group
Superstar Stats:
– shared both Touts to Twitter, where it received a usage request from CSN Bay Area
– also picked up by The BlazeBleacher Report and Yahoo Sports
Be a Mega-Superstar:
 add hashtags (e.g. #BuzzerBeater) and @mentions (e.g., @mercnews@SHCatholics and David Parson) for increased discoverability



Who: @lodafoto
What: Hayward Fire Eyewitness Interviews (Tout 1 & Tout 2)
Where: Bay Area News Group
Superstar Stats:
– included consistent hashtag #Hayward in all Tout titles
– embedded Touts within related article
Be a Mega-Superstar:
– add @mentions (e.g. @cctimes, @haywardfirenews, and interviewees) and share to Twitter for increased discoverability



Who: @VTHChrisRiley
What: Vallejo Fire
Where: The Vallejo Times-Herald
Superstar Stats:
– included hashtag and @mention of brand property in Tout title
– incorporated audio commentary and stitching
– embedded Tout within related article
– shared Tout to Twitter where it received two usage requests from local news stations
Be a Mega-Superstar:
– Tweet misspelled brand property (@vjotineaherald), but correctly spelled in Tout description; what was your process to share the Tout to Twitter?



Who: @karlmondon
What: #SFFire Touts (e.g. Tout 1 and Tout 2)
Where: Bay area News Group
Superstar Touts:
– included hashtag #SFFire in all Tout titles
– incorporated stitching to capture scene from multiple angles
– shared all Touts to Twitter
Be a Mega-Superstar:
 include @mentions (e.g., @mercnews, @insidebayarea) so Admins may easily re-Tweet and @emergency_in_sf for increased discoverability


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