CNHI April Superstars


Who: @eric_knopsnyder
What: Shooting in Moxham

Where: The Tribune-Democrat



Superstar Stats: 

  • included hashtag and @mention of brand property (@tribdem) in Tout title
  • incorporated audio commentary to explain the scene
  • embedded Tout in multiple related articles (e.g., article 1 and article 2)


Be a Mega-Superstar:

  • make sure @mention correctly matches your brand’s Twitter handle (e.g., @tribunedemocrat versus @tribdem)
  • share Touts to Twitter to increase exposure and potential views
  • incorporate stitching to capture multiple angles of the scene


More Notable Touters


Who: @ehillin
What: Fatal Car Collision Near Woodall
Where: The Muskogee Phoenix
Superstar Stats:
– incorporated audio commentary to describe the scene
– shared Tout to Twitter
Be a Mega-Superstar:
– add hashtags and @mention of brand account (@MuskogeePhoenix) so Admins may easily re-Tweet
– add stitching to better demonstrate the scene at the collision



Who: @VDTcrime
What: N. Ashley Street Car Wreck
Where: The Valdosta Times
Superstar Stats:
– included hashtag
– combined voiceover on top of a mixture of still photos to tell the story live footage and still photos
– shared Tout to Twitter
Be a Mega-Superstar:
– @mention brand account (@TheVDT) so Admins may easily re-Tweet



Who: @LaurenBFitch
What: Colts Camp at Taylor Intermediate School (Tout 1 of 2 and Tout 2 of 2)
Where: The Kokomo Tribune
Superstar Stats:
– included @mention in both Tout titles and hashtag in second Tout
– utilized stitching in both Touts
– shared both Touts to Twitter (first Tweet here, re-tweeted by brand account)
Be a Mega-Superstar:
– Reporter: include hashtag (#ColtStrong) in first Tout to tie Touts together and add @mention of brand account (@KokomoTribune) and former Colts player Mike Prior
– Admin: upload watermark in the Organization’s Dashboard and assign to all reporters


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