How to Convert Cryptocurrency Token “Tatatu” into USD

Converting cryptocurrency tokens to fiat (i.e. USD) requires a slight learning curve but we intend to support all of our clients through the process as we enter this next evolution of value exchange.


In the following video (10min), you will learn:


  • How to create a cryptocurrency wallet
  • How to trade a specific cryptocurrency token for a more common cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin or Ethereum)
  • How to transfer cryptocurrency from one wallet into another wallet, convert into USD and finally deposit into a bank account


Once you have set up your account on HitBTC, please send your Tout account representative your Tatatu token (TTU) deposit address as outlined in the video above.


Once a deposit amount is confirmed and you are ready to withdraw/send funds into your Coinbase account with the goal of converting to USD, you can follow these instructions:


How do I receive digital currency from another wallet?


Coinbase has robust support resources but do not hesitate to contact your Tout representative should you have any questions. There are also a variety of user videos created on a variety of subjects you can find online. Here is a useful video on how to receive funds (in this case, Bitcoin) to a Coinbase account:



NOTE: DO NOT SEND ETHEREUM TO A BITCOIN WALLET AND DO NOT SEND BITCOIN TO AN ETHEREUM WALLET. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDS. It’s always best to send a small amount as a test from one account to another before any larger transfer is made.


Please e-mail for further questions.

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