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How to Convert Cryptocurrency Token “Tatatu” into USD

Converting cryptocurrency tokens to fiat (i.e. USD) requires a slight learning curve but we intend to support all of our clients through the process as we enter this next evolution of value exchange.   In the following video (10min), you

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Implementing Ads.txt

What is it? With programmatic ad buying, advertisers and agencies often hit fraud where they think they are buying but in fact aren’t. The ads.txt specification from the IAB allows a publisher to say “yes, I am working with these SSPs

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How To Use Tout’s Video Bookmarklet

Editors can now use Tout’s  Video Bookmarklet tool to manage videos matched to their pages right from their web browser’s bookmark bar! With Tout’s Video Bookmarklet, you can:   Search or browse relevant video from your own library of video

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Serve your DFP Campaigns in Tout’s Player

Follow the steps below to serve your ads in Tout Players. Each step includes a hyperlink to the respective Google help page. Only one ad tag is needed. This tag will simply call your Ad Server and only return creative based

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How to Generate Google Analytics Reporting for Tout

Sending a Google Analytics report of your mobile vs. desktop page view data to can help Tout ensure the accuracy of your pageview metrics.

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Tout Player Menu

Below are the configuration options for Tout’s three main video players.  Please click on any of the links below to review the player behavior. Smart Article Player Our Smart Article Player or Top Article player is the designated player that should

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How To Generate DFP Reporting For Tout

Below Are the steps to follow in order to generate a DFP report to Tout, once you’ve launched our unit via your DFP ad server:   1) In DFP, Click the “Reports” tab on the top toolbar, then click “Queries”

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Player SDK Instructions

Tout’s SDK video player supports basic player interactions programatically. The following is a brief guide:   Get all players: var allPlayers = TOUT.players.getAll();   Get all players with a specific type var topArticlePlayers = TOUT.players.byProductName(TOUT.PRODUCTS.TOP_ARTICLE); var midArticlePlayers = TOUT.players.byProductName(TOUT.PRODUCTS.MID_ARTICLE); Note:

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Tout SDK: Embed Code Instructions

Please put this code on your website where you want the Tout Player to appear.

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Tout SDK: Track Player Performance for DFP integration

This tutorial will show you how to track performance of the Tout player (ad impression. quartile events, etc) if you have integrated Tout into your website using DFP.  Note: If you have implemented Tout by putting the Tout embed code

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