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How to Check a Page for Tout’s JS SDK Code?

1. Open Chrome browser 2. Load the URL where you expect to see the Tout player. 3. “Inspect” the page. Right click (Control+Click)                 4. Click the “Console” tab 5. Use the Console

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Onboarding for Publishers

Following are the steps needed for a content publisher to add the Tout video players to their site. There are basic steps to add our Smart Article video player and related content player. Add the Tout SDK Please put this

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How do I move/remove a lead photo when a Top-Article Match occurs?

See the below documentation for how to move/remove a lead photo when a Top-Article match occurs. Do not just copy and paste exactly as it appears below; your own propertyUID and custom Javascript must be added.

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Add Tout Meta Tag

If your CMS permits you to add additional meta tags, please add the following to your page template: <meta property="tout:article:id" content="PUT_YOUR_ARTICLE_ID_HERE"> Example Meta Tag: <meta property="tout:article:id" content="a3k9w0c"> Original Article: Article_ID: a3k9w0c Example use for adding a Meta Tag: Match the same

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