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Implementing Ads.txt

What is it? With programmatic ad buying, advertisers and agencies often hit fraud where they think they are buying but in fact aren’t. The ads.txt specification from the IAB allows a publisher to say “yes, I am working with these SSPs

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How To Use Tout’s Video Bookmarklet

Editors can now use Tout’s  Video Bookmarklet tool to manage videos matched to their pages right from their web browser’s bookmark bar! With Tout’s Video Bookmarklet, you can:   Search or browse relevant video from your own library of video

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How to Check a Page for Tout’s JS SDK Code?

1. Open Chrome browser 2. Load the URL where you expect to see the Tout player. 3. “Inspect” the page. Right click (Control+Click)                 4. Click the “Console” tab 5. Use the Console

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